Since 2014, our mission at Family First Life Coastal has been simple. We’re laser-focused on making protection our number one priority. By being an insurance provider you can rely on, we’ll take the pressure off you regarding keeping your family safe in both the short term and the long run.

We offer the following specialized insurance services:

Life insurance — It’s natural to worry about what the future holds, and what can happen with your loved ones after you’ve passed on. That’s natural, and so is smart planning. When you partner with us, we provide you with a variety of useful options regarding life insurance coverage and pricing. Best of all, we personalize your policy so that you have all the features you need, and none of the ones you don’t.
Mortgage protection — The odds are good that your home will be the largest investment you make during your lifetime. Since you’ve invested time, money, and effort into it, your home should be protected for your benefit and the benefit of your family. If you become critically ill, seriously injured, or even pass away, our mortgage protection insurance provides the protection needed and prevents your family from having difficulties with mortgage payments.
Annuities and retirement — When retirement arrives, what you shouldn’t have to do is worry about your financial health. Sounds difficult? It doesn’t have to be, especially when our team of experts will work with you to build a personalized plan for saving and keeping your retirement assets secure. By taking smart steps, you’ll have a stream of income payments you can count on.
Final expense — One of the most caring things you can do for your family is to make plans, the kinds of plans that make life easier for them after you’re gone. With final expense insurance, you can see to it that funeral expenses, medical bills, and debts are all settled. As a result, the details have been handled and your family can focus on healing.
Identity Theft — According to the Federal Trade Commission, as many as nine million people have their identity stolen every year. We’ve partnered with ReliaShield to ensure you’re protected. With 24 hour monitoring, rapid response times, and a 100 percent recovery success rate, you can rest assured you’re protected.
With more than eight years of experience, we’re committed to helping you gain the security you need. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.